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I tried Google imaging nesting, as in preparing your home before a baby is born.聽 And, when I Google image searched it, it came up with the cutest baby shower nesting ideas.聽 In no way am I trying to throw hints, but I thought this was really cute. 馃檪



Kinser Event Company


Can’t wait…

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One week from today is the start of our babymoon.聽 Can’t wait to be away from it all – relaxing, just the three of us. 馃檪

Nursery Ideas…

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You will probably be able to tell what sex our baby will be after viewing what my nursery ideas are.

Ideally I’d love to have a chandelier in the baby’s room, but the husband doesn’t want anything dangling from the ceiling.聽 Boo!聽 A girl can dream, can’t she?

Here are some pictures that are going to inspire me to eventually decorate the baby’s nursery.

Happy birthday

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Happy birthday to my sister, and happy Independence Day, America!!


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It’s amazing how you get caught up in every day things happening in life.聽 Sometimes you forget to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

My life this year has been good so far.聽 Hardly any complaints, except for that ‘itch’ that I need to scratch.聽 Maybe next year, I’ll deal with that ‘itch’ and be rid of it.聽 We shall see.

Back to the subject at hand.聽 Lots of ups and a couple of downs, but nothing that will leave me down.聽 The most exciting part is that we’ll be ending off our year with the most precious gift that we’ll receive.

We’re having a baby and due early November!!

Expect more baby/mommy related posts in the future. 馃檪

… HB

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If there’s one store that I absolutely love besides H&M on Fifth Avenue, it has to be Henri Bendel. Of course, I can’t afford a single thing in there. Well I’m lying, I can afford maybe a few items in there, but the items are too small and I couldn’t justify spending that much on something small. Maybe I’ll work enough the courage to buy something small just for the heck of it.

I got an e-mail from them a few days ago about their Valentine’s Day gift ideas/accessories, and these are a few of my favorite things on the list.

Heart Keyfob, $38

Rollerball Eau de Parfum Set, $38

Bendel Bow Stacking Ring, $68

Beyond what’s on this Valentine’s Day list, I absolutely fell in love with this set of stackable rings.

The Henri Stack Ring Set, $88

Gorgeous right? *drool

… ser路en路dip路i路ty …

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This will always be one of my favorite movies… ever.聽 I can’t get enough of it.

(Tangent: Today was a gorgeous day, and it was “hot” at 36 degrees.聽 It would’ve been a perfect day in the city.聽 Now while I’m watching this movie, I wish we did go to the city.)

Anyway, this movie makes me fall in love with love, destiny, fate, and romance.聽 I wish I could put it into more words, but I can’t.聽 These two perfect strangers met, got to know each other in a few hours, and in the end they left it up to fate to bring them back together again.聽 A few years later, both are on their way to getting married to differnet people.聽 Then destiny and fate bring them back together.聽 le sigh*

I can’t help but love the ideas of love and romance, and this movie makes me happy in love with love.聽 馃檪