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First piece of the puzzle…

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Well technically the second piece of the puzzle.  I’ll show you the first piece at another time.

We are spontaneous people, and I didn’t really care if we were leaving on vacation early tomorrow morning.  Today, I wanted to spend the day out rather than being cooped in.

We picked up the ‘second’ piece of our baby room’s puzzle.  And, I’m so excited because DH ended up saying okay to having a chandelier in baby’s room.  Trust me, it really isn’t super bougie, but it’s so cute.  We picked it up at IKEA, and for all you IKEA fans, you know that this store is affordable.


I’m so excited. I can’t wait till we officially start organizing the baby’s room, and putting things together.


Happy birthday

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Happy birthday to my sister, and happy Independence Day, America!!

Review: Eclipse

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Please don’t read this if you haven’t watched Eclipse.

I’m going to keep my review nice and short.  I walked into the theater with my friend, Aubrey.  We were so amped because we absolutely LOVED the New Moon movie.  (We saw the premiere with both of our husbands at midnight.)

Clearly because Eclipse was one of my favorite books, I was very excited for many scenes.  I guess being that I read the book such a long time ago, I mixed up a lot of scenes from Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  Of course, my fave scenes were the tent scene and basically any scene with Jacob.  But the shirtless thing, I couldn’t help but get a “okay enough of being shirtless” feeling after seeing the wolf pack sans shirts a million times.

All in all, it was a good movie.  BUT it wasn’t a movie to rave for.  I actually liked New Moon a little bit more because the Jacob-Bella connection was shown more in this movie.  And, in Eclipse, the Jacob-Bella-Edward triangle was shown more.  I love me some shiny diamond like vampires, but I’m more of a werewolf girl. 😉

Now I have to wait till next November to watch Part 1 of Breaking Dawn.  And, I can’t wait for this one because of what happens early in the book (won’t spoil it for those who haven’t finished reading Breaking Dawn).  hahaha.

Happy Birthday America

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Happy birthday America!!
Hope everyone enjoys all the parties, bbqs, and fireworks this evening. But please be safe everyone!

And, a very happy 32nd birthday to my older sister, Carla Mae!! Enjoy your birthday today! 🙂

Will Work for Shoes

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Hello, my name is Annie, and I’m addicted to shoes.
I could wear shoes once a year, and be content with that. There are a few pairs of shoes that I wear at least 2-3 times a week, but those are work shoes which I like to rotate every other day or every few days because they’re my favorite comfortable shoes (okay run-on sentence). Whew!

Ever since I eyed the below shoes, I knew I really wanted to find something similar at a lower price.
Jeffrey Campbell Charli C Clog

And as my luck would have it, I did find something similar at a cheaper price, but is it that much cheaper? Not really.

While walking around the Pier Shops at Caesars in Atlantic City, I had to stop by Steve Madden. I found the twins of the Charli C clogs.  >> Steve Madden Wanderr

I guess the reason why I like the Wanderr better is because the brown version is much more appealing to my eye than the brown version that Jeffrey Campbell has. The price different is not that huge at the Jeffrey Campbell one being $30 more than the Steve Madden ones.

Ahhh decisions!! I’m not going to buy them right away, but now I have this dilemma. My obsession with Charli C’s versus the love for the perfect chocolate brown color of the SM Wanderr’s.

Help me make my decision please. 🙂

Bits of My Weekend… Volume 7

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So the last blog was about what was going to happen this weekend.

My entire weekend was dedicated to making my friend’s bachelorette party as special as possible.  I am one of her bridesmaids so I (along with the rest of the bridal party) wanted everything to turn out perfectly, which it did.

We stayed at the Affinia Shelburne, which is an absolutely amazing hotel.  I was scared that I wasn’t going to be able to find a big enough suite or nice enough hotel that was within our budget.  We were originally going to stay at the Affinia 50, but with taxes and split by a # of girls, it was way too much $.  So I took a chance and went on Priceline, and put in a blind bid for a 3.5 star hotel for a certain price.  And, we got lucky & ended with the Shelburne for a really affordable price per person.  I was able to book two rooms, which housed 9 girls.  Too bad that we didn’t have adjoining rooms, but we made the most of it.

We had dinner at Dos Caminos on Park Avenue.  I’ve always been a big fan of Dos Caminos and their food.  But my most favorite part of the menu is their white sangria.  It’s so good that you can’t taste the alcohol/wine at all.  If you’re going to go to Dos Camninos, definitely try that AND the guacamole.  Second favorite part of the menu.

After dinner, we ended up back at the hotel to pregame and play some games.  Then we “capped” off the night by going to D’Or & Amalia in the Dream Hotel.  It was the last time D’Or would be known as that, so it was definitely a packed club with good beats and lots of people.

Here’s a couple of pictures.

My fish tacos from Dos Caminos

Necessary pre-gaming materials.. lol

Bride to Be tiara & the cd giveaways I made.

The Bride to Be with her MOHs and BMs. One BM wasn’t able to attend.

The girls at D’Or along with the promoter who helped us out

The weekend hasn’t started…

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Next weekend is my girlfriend’s bachelorette party.  That weekend hasn’t started yet, but this old lady is starting to feel tired from it.  haha.