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TAAFOMFT … Volume 2

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I love reading… when I have time.  Isn’t that the case with everyone these days?  Life is so busy, but when I have time to take a breather, I do love to read.

I love fashion magazines, and am known to let them stack up to at least a foot high before I start reading them.  Below is a quick snapshot of the magazines I read/subscribe to.  Not a whole lot, but when 2-3 months stack up they stack pretty high.

Anyone else into reading magazines, but let it stack high?  I feel like I’m not alone on this one.  hehe.


Valentine’s Day Swap <3

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I’m participating in a Valentine’s Day Swap this year via my friend’s blog.

In addition to asking your partners some questions and completing a survey, I wanted my Vday Swap partners to get to know me via my blog.   Hope you enjoy my next few blogs as I let you know what a few of my favorite things are.


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Never hold back and never be scared of change.   Change is good.  And, change is what I need right now.

Decisions. Decisions.

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Never thought I’d have a harder decision to make until I knew I was up for a new phone.

Yes, the iPhone is coming to Verizon, but the technology is not 4G.  It’s only going to be 3G.  With the chance of iPhone 5 coming out early this summer, could I wait another 5 months for a new version of the iPhone to come out?

Having this unsitely annoying Blackberry Curve for the past year and a half has been painful.  My Blackberry has been to h-e- double hockey sticks and back.  Can count how many times on my hands and probably another set of hands of how many times I’ve dropped my phone.

With this in mind, I think I’m leaning more towards not getting the iPhone because essentially it is my iTouch + phone capabilities.  And how exciting can an iPhone be?  I’m sure it can be loads of fun, but when I get it will I be that excited to have it?  Probably not.  So I think I might just jump off the iPhone bandwagon (for now), and look into the Androids.  So my choices have boiled down to the Droid Pro versus the Droid Incredible.

Droid Pro – One pro (haha) is that it has a QWERTY touch keyboard in addition to the touch screen.  So it’s easier for me to transition from a BB to this.

Droid Incredible – Touch screen but no physical QWERTY keyboard.  But better camera.  5mp v. 8mp.

Thoughts? Advice?

Au Revoir 2010, Bonjour 2011

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Now it’s time to bid adieu to 2010.  It was a great year, where many good things have happened including getting married and buying our first home.

But I’m excited to see what 2011 will bring.  I’ll continue on my journey towards better health – less eating out, more cooking in + cooking healthy food.  Continuing to exercise more at my onsite work gym.  And continue to make all of my relationships with all the people in my life a better one.

Hope you all have a happy and safe NYE tonight, and see you in 2011!


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Ever find yourself standing at a crossroad, figuring out what path to take in life?

Here I am at my crossroad, and not sure what to do.  A lot of exciting things are happening right now, but making the right decision is the hardest part.

I hate being ambiguous in my blogs, but I’m not sure who is in my audience reading this.  I don’t want to reveal too much because I’m too afraid to.

But what am I exactly afraid of?  Change?  Yes.  Being more responsible?  Yes.

So many things are running in my mind, and I keep swatting it away so I don’t think about it.  But I have to.

Maybe soon I’ll have a more positive, exciting update.  We shall see.  Stay tuned. 😉

Bits of My Weekend.. Volume 3

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This weekend was different from the rest of most of my weekends.  Because this time we were out West.

To provide a short recap, we were in Phoenix/Tempe mid-last week till Friday.  Then Friday till Sunday, we were in Los Angeles.  Then Sunday till Tuesday, we were in Las Vegas.

What brought us out West?  We were there primarily for my husband’s brother’s graduation.

After 4 long years of hard work, my brother-in-law graduated from Arizona State University.  I don’t know about you all, but I cry at graduations.  Not like full on sobbing, but tear because I’m so happy and so proud.

So what took us to Los Angeles?  We went there to visit Mikey’s grandma, who is 94 years old, has an awesome memory, and is super strong & still walks around (with the aid of a walker).  We also got to see some friends and other family while we were there.  But it was tough to see everyone or do stuff we wanted to because we were limited on time.

The last leg of the weekend was dedicated to being in Las Vegas.  There we spent time with family (both his and mine), and we also had some time to shop, gamble, and walk around.

So how long was our trip?  It was a total of 7 days.  YES, that short & we managed to do so much in those 7 days.  And, no, we did not fly in between cities.  We drove between cities.  How many miles?  A total of 1300+ miles.

So, that’s my weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?