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This will always be one of my favorite movies… ever.  I can’t get enough of it.

(Tangent: Today was a gorgeous day, and it was “hot” at 36 degrees.  It would’ve been a perfect day in the city.  Now while I’m watching this movie, I wish we did go to the city.)

Anyway, this movie makes me fall in love with love, destiny, fate, and romance.  I wish I could put it into more words, but I can’t.  These two perfect strangers met, got to know each other in a few hours, and in the end they left it up to fate to bring them back together again.  A few years later, both are on their way to getting married to differnet people.  Then destiny and fate bring them back together.  le sigh*

I can’t help but love the ideas of love and romance, and this movie makes me happy in love with love.  🙂


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