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Never thought I’d have a harder decision to make until I knew I was up for a new phone.

Yes, the iPhone is coming to Verizon, but the technology is not 4G.  It’s only going to be 3G.  With the chance of iPhone 5 coming out early this summer, could I wait another 5 months for a new version of the iPhone to come out?

Having this unsitely annoying Blackberry Curve for the past year and a half has been painful.  My Blackberry has been to h-e- double hockey sticks and back.  Can count how many times on my hands and probably another set of hands of how many times I’ve dropped my phone.

With this in mind, I think I’m leaning more towards not getting the iPhone because essentially it is my iTouch + phone capabilities.  And how exciting can an iPhone be?  I’m sure it can be loads of fun, but when I get it will I be that excited to have it?  Probably not.  So I think I might just jump off the iPhone bandwagon (for now), and look into the Androids.  So my choices have boiled down to the Droid Pro versus the Droid Incredible.

Droid Pro – One pro (haha) is that it has a QWERTY touch keyboard in addition to the touch screen.  So it’s easier for me to transition from a BB to this.

Droid Incredible – Touch screen but no physical QWERTY keyboard.  But better camera.  5mp v. 8mp.

Thoughts? Advice?


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  1. omg -we’re having the same dilema too. wil really wants the iphone but of course wishes it was 4g. keep us posted on what you decide!


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