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I tend to think I’m a simple girl with lots of guilty pleasures, which are mainly tv, fashion, and food related.

All I ask for in life is to be happy and to fed.  Crazy but true.  Being that I’m turning 30 in a few short days (and as mentioned in previous posts), I thought I’d spoil myself rotten.  But not only do I spoil myself rotten, my husband does as well.

For the longest time (more like a year only.. lol), I’ve wanted a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier (brown checks).

Isn’t she pretty?

So today, my husband and I trek out to The Mall at Short Hills as he promised to get me a new bag for my 30th birthday since it’s a pretty monumental age.  We went to the Louis Vuitton store, and they said they didn’t have any in stock, and most of the stores are sold out of this bag.  The saleslady was nice enough (sarcastic* She was a bit snooty…) to tell me to check Neiman Marcus.  So off to Neiman Marcus we go, and we head to the Louis Vuitton store inside.  They tell me the same thing.  Last attempt, my husband said we can go to the city if they have it at the Fifth Avenue store.  The saleslady (who was way nicer than the one at Short Hills) said that the Neverfull is sold out everywhere, and they won’t have it in stock for sometime.  There was a waiting list for it and it will possibly be in stock again in January.

This is sad that I’m admitting this, but I became really depressed.  The bag of my dreams is nowhere to be found unless we go to one of the Virgin Islands to buy it.  Def not going anywhere in the Caribbean any time soon.  We did trek to the Gucci store, but even their gorgeous leather bags weren’t calling my name.  (I’m saving that for my 31st birthday. lol)

So we went back to the LV store, walked around, and I test drove a couple of bags.  Saw one that I liked which was the Rivington bag.

She’s gorgeous, but it reminded me a lot of the two Speedys I already had.

But alas I did find a bag that I liked when I saw it in someone else’s hands. I was like a hawk stalking her when I found out that the bag was the only one they had left of it. So I watched this woman try several bags while holding this beautiful bag in her possession for about 20minutes. But good thing we made friends with one of the LV salesmen, and he watched her like a hawk like I did. I found it comical because I never purse stalked someone before. LOL

Now this pretty little thang is mine. Happy 30th birthday and Merry Christmas to me. 🙂
I introduce you to my newest addition to my LV collection.

It’s the Louis Vuitton Cabas Rivington.
It looks like a twin of the Neverfull, but slightly smaller BUT has better straps. I can’t wait to use her soon.

I love my husband.  He mainly spoils me rotten in the food department, but this time he spoiled me in the bag department. 🙂  I decided to return the favor, and decided to buy him a Louis Vuitton Damier Multiple wallet for his Christmas present.  Yes, we like to shop early for presents. lol


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  1. happy belated and i hope you had the best one ever! i like your new lv! i like it better than the neverfull actually. it was my first time wine tasting…i don’t usually like wine but v. sattui actually had really good wines! you should really do outfit posts!


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