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Turning 30…

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Yes, I’m turning 30 in 22 days.  And, I’m excited.  It’s a monumental moment in my life.  Age is all about how you act.  And I act like I’m in the age range of 16-21, therefore I’m in that age range. hehe.

This time around, I am pampering myself with more gifts than usual.  My first gift to myself was the Jeffrey Campbell Charli C clogs.

My second gift is the below – a beautiful Michael Kors silver ‘boyfriend’ watch.  I love the fact that it has little crystals all around the large face of the watch.  It’s heavy, but gorgeous & I love it.


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  1. woo-hoo! almost 30! i love your michael kors watch! i thought i had the same one but yours is way better with your bling on it 🙂 keep up with the pampering. you only turn 30 once 🙂

  2. are you filipina as well? we’re the same age! i totally do not feel 30…i’m married and have three kids and i still don’t feel 30! lol you should post pics of yourself…it sounds like you have good taste and people would love to be updated!


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