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… What a bargain

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To piggyback on the last entry.  I love good bargains.

After hitting up the mall, we went to Marshalls just down the road.  (Side note: Marshalls and TJ Maxx are two of my favorite stores.)  I always tend to look at the shoes first, make my way to women’s clothing, and end my rounds at the Home Goods section.

I eye their huge wall of clearance shoes, and spot these beautiful purple suede looking pumps.  They’re gorgeous, and I flip over to the heel to see the price before looking at the size.  My eyes begin to bulge because these beautiful Michael Kors Annabel pumps are $25!!!! What a bargain.  I almost fell over.  But then I checked the size was a 4.  WTF?!  Michael Kors makes a size 4 shoe?  Did not know that.

I tried my best to get my foot in, but did not get it in.  I walked up and down the clearance wall (which is a good 30-40 feet long or maybe more).  And, there are no other purple Michael Kors pumps on the wall.  I sighed, and moved on.

It wasn’t meant to be, but boy that was an awesome bargain.


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