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Yesterday evening, I blogged about the Wanderrs.

Well today, hubby and I trekked to Woodbridge Mall to just walk around and pass some time.  We ended up at Steve Madden.  And, let’s just say that the sale online was just a tease.  Because when we went to the store, we got the cherry on top.

The Wanderrs were on the shelf on sale for $39.99.  But the great thing about the sale was that you can buy one pair of shoes, buy another pair for 90% off!!!  Michael said to me “Don’t you have a pair of shoes like those?”  He was referencing my Jeffrey Campbell Charli C clogs.  And, I said “Yes, I do.  But I want them in brown.”

I didn’t find a second pair that I liked, so Michael got these shoes.  So glad that we both love shopping, and have a thing for shoes. 🙂  So get this, he got his for regular sale price, and I got the Wanderrs for $4.99!!!!  What a freakin steal!!!

The wooden heel is a lot lighter than the heels of the Jeffrey Campbells.  But the chocolate brown is the most perfect chocolate brown.  Can’t wait to wear them! 🙂


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