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In one of my old blogs, I glorified this one pair of beautiful shoes.

And alas, today I made her mine.  Welcome to my feet 🙂  Can’t wait to wear you around!


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  1. hi! thank you so much for replying! was it the cecelia you tried on? i tried the jc’s at nordy’s also and although i have the splendid which are similar in height, i wanted a more everyday type of shoe. the splendid’s i only wear to places i know i won’t be walking around at or like going to the movies or church. it says the wanderr is 4″ on their website. not much of a difference but still lower. i also have a coupon code for 20% off if you like. it’s ‘PREFJUNE’

    thanks again for your replies!


  2. yes, i figured i’d try them out. i really did want the jc’s but i already had the spledids in the tan color. so the wanderr were the only ones that came in brown and i had a 20% 0ff coupon (myshoes20) so i ordered them and when i received them, i really liked them. i think i need inserts and the leather could be a little bit more distressed but i’m pretty happy with them for $80. They are .5″ shorter than the jc’s but it doesn’t really make much of a difference.


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