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Review: Eclipse

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Please don’t read this if you haven’t watched Eclipse.

I’m going to keep my review nice and short.  I walked into the theater with my friend, Aubrey.  We were so amped because we absolutely LOVED the New Moon movie.  (We saw the premiere with both of our husbands at midnight.)

Clearly because Eclipse was one of my favorite books, I was very excited for many scenes.  I guess being that I read the book such a long time ago, I mixed up a lot of scenes from Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  Of course, my fave scenes were the tent scene and basically any scene with Jacob.  But the shirtless thing, I couldn’t help but get a “okay enough of being shirtless” feeling after seeing the wolf pack sans shirts a million times.

All in all, it was a good movie.  BUT it wasn’t a movie to rave for.  I actually liked New Moon a little bit more because the Jacob-Bella connection was shown more in this movie.  And, in Eclipse, the Jacob-Bella-Edward triangle was shown more.  I love me some shiny diamond like vampires, but I’m more of a werewolf girl. 😉

Now I have to wait till next November to watch Part 1 of Breaking Dawn.  And, I can’t wait for this one because of what happens early in the book (won’t spoil it for those who haven’t finished reading Breaking Dawn).  hahaha.


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  1. i think eclipse better than new moon 😀


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