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Bits of My Weekend… Volume 6

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This weekend was uneventful, which is unusual for our household.  We always have at least one event to attend during the weekends whether it’s for friends or family.  This time, we didn’t have much to do.

Husband had to work this weekend (boo!).  So we didn’t do that much other than working (for him), doing laundry (for me and him), cleaning out the apartment (throwing out unnecessary things and donating others that are still usable), and going to a couple of stores (DSW – went a little wild and bought 5 pairs of shoes), IKEA, Banana Republic and ShopRite.

So even though we didn’t do much in terms of events, we did take care of a lot in our apartment.

Here are 1 out of 5 shoes that I bought this weekend.
Steve Madden Heavenly Patent Flats in Pink & in Grey

I love DSW and their great deals especially their sales racks.  What are your favorite shoe shops?


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  1. Cute shoes! I’m obsessed with Seychelles shoes right now…but more in the drooling over sense and not the actual buying. And the Toms wedges…to die. I so badly want the red and white ones.


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