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Bits of My Weekend… Volume Four

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My weekend was power packed.

Friday, we spent locally celebrating/sending off my friend’s going away for a month.  He’s lucky and heading off to Switzerland for work for a month.  So we ate at Yutaka Hibachi & Steakhouse.  I love Japanese food, and am always excited to try new Japanese restaurants.  So many choices to choose from, but I managed to order shrimp & veggie tempura, spicy crunchy roll, and spicy mango lobster roll.  I wasn’t prepared for how big the pieces would be.  The pieces that I ate were delicious.  I think my belly was too fully of sake and wine to take more food down. hehe.

Spicy Mango Lobster Roll

Spicy Crunchy Roll

Saturday was Mikey’s cousin’s daughter’s baptism.  Although we made it at the tail end of the ceremony, we got to see her in her beautiful white dress.  We then celebrated at a restaurant called Donovan’s Grill & Tavern.  The party was held in the back party room.  All in all a good day of fun, food, and family.

Beautiful baby girl

Then today brought a wedding shower celebration down in South Jersey for one of my good friends, Kim.  Her and her fiance are getting married in just a little over 1 month, and I’m in their bridal party.  One of the maid of honors made a cute little candy bar as a take away for all of the guests.  It was super cute, and I loved it!

Gift bags

Mini Cupcake tower

View of the candy buffet

Overall busy weekend, but lots of fun. 🙂


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  1. Love the candy buffet! Adorable!

  2. Love the photo of the baby girl with the pink flower on her head! Adorable.

  3. Sounds like a fun season of celebrations!

  4. love the decorations. so cute and festive!

  5. The little girl is adorable… and I love the wedding color combo!


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