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Battle of the Burgers

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This has always been a debate in our household – what our top favorite burger joints are.

Mine are the following:

  1. Shake Shack – Based in New York City.  Something about the patty.  It just melts in your mouth and is so juicy.  I could go for a Shake Shack burger right about now.  Have yet to have a shake, but I’ll try it next time.  Hubby and I last had it at the Mets game we went to in the beginning of the month.  He had a shake, but I opted for a beer instead. lol
  2. In -N- Out Burger – Based on the West Coast.  If In -N- Out came to the East Coast, it would be hands down, game over.  I’d go there a lot & would become a burger myself. lol  Get it animal style, and you’ll go to heaven after one bite.
  3. Five Guys – Based on both East & West Coasts.  Similar to the Shake Shack, the patties melt in your mouth and are very good.  I haven’t had a burger from here in awhile, I’ll need to go there again sometime soon.  Their cajun fries are really good too.
  4. Fuddruckers – Based on both East & West Coasts.  I’ll always remember having Fuddruckers as a kid, and thinking it was the best burger ever.  I still love their potato wedges, and still lather it in cheese.  Had it a few weeks ago, and was reminded why I love Fuddruckers so much.

So do you have a list of your favorite burger joints?  Please do share!


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