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Bits of My Weekend – Volume Three

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This weekend brought celebrations.

Friday was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday.  We trekked to Confucius and Zeppelin Biergarten for his birthday.  The second half of his birthday brought lots of love from his friends and family and entertainment from the birthday boy as well.

That evening I discovered my love for the below beer.

Oh hello beautiful. I love you so much!

I’m more of a beer drinker than I am a wine or hard alcohol drinker.  I guess the Biergarten brought out my appreciation for beer more.  My other faves are Coors Light and Miller Lite.  I’ll also pretty much drink any kind of Sam Adams beer as well.  Wish I had some Cherry Wheat in my fridge.  But I’ll settle for Honey Brown for now.

Saturday, dear hubby and I went to Atlantic City primarily to get this cute Vera Bradley all in one wristlet promotion at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.  So eventually we got it after he played craps for over a hour.  Shortly after he played and we picked up the wristlet, I decided to give it a try and play my hand at the penny slots.  I’m a penny slots kind of girl.  I used to be ‘baller’ back then and play quarter and nickel slots, but I’ve now become a happier penny slot player.  All in all, after playing penny slots at Showboat Casino and Caesars Palace, this girl went home with $45 more in my pocket.  Woot woot!

Sunday of course was Mother’s Day.  Dad planned a nice lunch for my mom and our family.  He invited family and family friends over, and had lunch catered by a new Filipino restaurant in northern Jersey.  There was so much food, that we walked away with so much leftovers to last us a lifetime.  Well not a lifetime, but for at least a few days.  It was a good day, and Mama enjoyed the food, company, and gifts she received.  🙂  Happy mama’s day again to my mom! ❤

Next week’s Bits of My Weekend is going to a more interesting volume because it’ll be written while we’re on vacation.  Yes, I’ll be a nerd and carry my laptop with me. 🙂


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