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I am fascinated and in love with crystal clutches.

I guess Sex and the City drew me to crystal clutches.  Wish I could find the scene in that one episode when Carrie received a gift from Big.  Not sure if she was hoping for an engagement ring or something else, but she got a crystal clutch from him instead.  Carrie was horrified by it, which I too thought was hideous.  But after awhile it grew on me.

What ignited this topic was an e-mail I received from Gilt Groupe. Judith Leiber produces these beautiful pieces of art, and I just want one.  Too bad, I could never ever afford one for the life of me.  But it’s okay to dream, right? 🙂

Hello Beautiful
Hello Gorgeous
Hello Pretty
Hello Cutie
Hello Divine

(Not sure if you can see the links, or if you have to join to see it.  In case you want to join Gilt Groupe, let me know & I’ll send you an invite.)


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  1. hey girrrl! I kind of want to join gilt!! invite please? 🙂


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