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The Curse

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I am so cursed when it comes to iPods.

My first iPod was a first gen video iPod that my sister bought me.  I lent it to hubby when he was then boyfriend.  He went to the gym, and then accidentally left it there.  He returned to the gym, only for it to not be found.

My second iPod was a second gen video iPod.  I’m an idiot and put a water bottle inside my Gucci bag.  I thought I had made the cap tight when I closed the bottle.  NOPE!  Water spilled all over my bag.  My bag wasn’t damaged, but my iPod was.  😦  Thing would shut off and on, but would never turn on fully.

My third iPod is a iTouch.  I was so excited to get one.  I felt like I was the last person on Earth to get one.  And, when I got one, I was so excited.  I go to the gym today, and put my iTouch in the outside pocket of my gym bag which is always slightly open.  I hope to God I didn’t drop it.

Please pray it’s in my desk drawer.  I will die if it’s really lost.  *sniff

PS I have a fourth iPod aka my purple shuffle, and we’re currently loading some J. Biebs stuff on it.  EXCITED!!! lol


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