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I’m a sucker for Social Media.

I’ve been on Asian Avenue, Friendster, and Xanga throughout college. But when I left college, I left my associations with those social websites. As time went on, I joined MySpace & then left it after a few years.

Now, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and now WordPress. I’m on each site for different reasons.

  • Facebook – To stay in touch with friends, look at pictures, and to comment on friends’ statuses if they’re interesting.  But the main reason is to stay in touch with friends I’ve met and kept throughout the years.
  • Twitter – To follow my friends who don’t post on Facebook, but post more often on Twitter.  And, to also follow the whereabouts and doings of celebrities that keep it interesting throughout the day.
  • FourSquare – I just recently joined, and so far it’s been okay.  I guess the most exciting part is becoming a mayor of a place and getting badges.  People will be haters, and will say why are you on FourSquare, do yo want to be robbed?  Sure if you post your every single whereabout & if people know where you live, then sure you run into that risk.  But if they don’t know where you live, then you most likely won’t run into that risk.  Lastly, if you post everywhere you go, it becomes a nuisance.  Yes, I’m a FourSquare user, but I always hide where I’m going.  I want to just secretly earn badges and become a mayor of every place I go. lol
  • WordPress – To bring back my love of journaling my thoughts and feelings & to broadcast it to my readers.

What sparked this blog?  I saw this article on Five Ways to Make Productive Use of FourSquare (and not be annoying).  Interesting read. Click the link. 🙂

What social media sites are you hooked on?


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