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I’ve been living in an apartment for almost 4 years this year.  I’ve put up with many disturbances, particularly early evening, evening time, and late evening.  Everything from music and the bass from the music blasting to moaning and groaning.  Don’t ask.  Just put it this way.  Chick needs a muzzle, and I guess after getting married they’ve toned down their post midnight rendezvous or he got the chick a muzzle. lol  (Funny and gross if you ask me.)

So since husband and I now live together, I’ve been organizing/cleaning like crazy.  More so now than before because we’re expecting our first overnight guests this coming Friday after darling husband’s birthday party.  Anyway, this evening as I’m cleaning and shredding old documents, I vacuumed the living room a couple of times to clean up the paper shreds and dust on the floor.  Nothing I hate more than walking barefoot on a dusty, dirty floor.

So tell me.  Why do I have to walk around egg shells living in this apartment while others can abuse the evening time noise rules when they feel like it?  Did I mention that we were the recipient of a big bang on our wall?  BLAH to them.  Sure we share common walls/ceiling/floors, but if I’m courteous 99% of the time, so should they.  Next time our neighbors make noise, I’ll just do the same.



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