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Guilty Pleasures

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These are my guilty pleasures.

The Hills – Pre-Heidi surgery & Pre-Spencer days

The City – Pre-Olivia being 100% annoying. Who am I kidding? She’s always been annoying.

The Real Housewives of New York (and the Real Housewives franchise, general) – Catty fighting at its best.

It’s just too bad I can’t watch any because I don’t have cable.  I haven’t had cable since either November or December, I can’t remember.  I gave up cable because it was too much of a cost to bear on my own.  Husband said that once the tv and living room are all set up and clean, we can officially get cable.  So eventually in a few weeks, we’ll have cable so I can be reunited with my guilty pleasures once again.  🙂

So what are your guilty pleasures?


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  1. aside from biore nose strips and epilating, my guilty pleasures are gossip girl (series AND books, pathetic i know) and for some reason the kardashians lately.

    ps – i was SO happy to see that you’re still blogging and was so sad and confused when I tried to go to your old one recently!


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