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These are a few of my favorite things…

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Of the many things that I love, these are my top favorite things:

  • Food – Obviously can’t live without it, but I simply love it.
  • Fashion – One could take a look at me, and not think I’m a fashionista.  I don’t look like one, but I’m one in hiding.  I love love love fashion.
  • Pop Culture – How can one be a woman, and not be curious or like to read gossip rags?  I’m definitely one of those chicks that loves to read celebrity gossip via web and magazines.
  • Traveling – I love to travel.  I’ve always traveled near and far since I was little.  I’ve touched ground in Asia, Europe, Central America, and North America.  I would one day like to conquer Australia, South America, and Africa.  One day, someday.  A girl can dream, can’t I?

So this is just a list of a few of my favorite things.  You’ll see me talk about them more in blogs to come. 🙂


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