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So how is life after the wedding?  It’s been pretty spectacular so far.

Of course, I’ve had to get used to sharing things on a daily basis, having someone else in my apartment other than myself, and the change of status.  It’s been a whirlwind of events even after the most major event of our lives – the wedding.

Upon coming back from our honeymoon, I wanted to make things official.  I went through all the motions of getting my last name changed, dropping off my benefits and getting added to my husband’s, going through major faxing paperwork and calling different companies to get my information changed, and rejuvenating/renovating the look of our apartment.

I would have to say that I’m having the most fun right now getting the chance to change things up in our apartment.  That includes getting a new bed (thanks to big sis for this awesome wedding present!), new tv stand, and the movement/organizing/throwing out of things all around.  Thankfully enough, my husband is a great partner – always helping out with everything under the sun.  I’m quite impressed with how handy he is.  (Right now as we speak, he’s putting this together while watching SNL with me.)

I wish I could post the state of our apartment through pictures, but it’s quite scary.  Maybe I’ll post some one day.

So how is life after the wedding?  Life is good.

But take it from me.  Life after the wedding is just as hectic as before the wedding.  But with patience, you’ll get through both with hopefully hardly any hiccups at all.


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