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Lettuce Write?

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So where did my WordPress blog name come about?

I started a new ‘hobby’ aka playing a new Facebook game named Restaurant City.  I was googling interesting names for restaurants, and stumbled upon one I really liked.  The name of my restaurant on Restaurant City is Lettuce Eat (Let Us Eat).  Clever right?

Well upon talking to a few folks about me deleting me and Mikey’s blog by accident, I decided to start blogging again even if it wasn’t going to be on a frequent basis.  I don’t really have time to blog a lot, but I figured I’d blog whenever I have thoughts I want to type out.

Anywho, I wanted my blog username be Lettuceblog, but that was already taken.  Next best name – Lettuce Write.

So that’s how I came up with this blog name.  Hope you’re entertained by my little story. 🙂


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