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Bits of my weekend – Volume 1

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While I’d like to share every bit of my weekend with you, I’ll share bits of it with you.  This blog was inspired by the author of one of my favorite blogs, Six in the City.

Friday consisted of a drive down to the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. It’s ideal to go on Friday nights or even during the week because that place is a ghost town. While I’d rather go on a Saturday, I find shopping with less people around is more appealing to me.  One of the main purposes of being there was return a pair of shoes from Timberland that I never used during our honeymoon.  The trip was mainly to take my darling husband on a shopping spree for his upcoming birthday.  So we did just that.

Saturday was mainly time spent with my sister and her boyfriend, who came initially for just lunch and to buy a bed for us.  Big sister was kind enough to buy our bed as our present.  After having an amazing lunch at our favorite all you can eat sushi restaurant called Sushi Palace, we went bed shopping.  Who knew that beds cost much?  I certainly didn’t.  But after visiting two places, the third place HAD to be a charm & it was.  Big sis got us a nice bed from Bob’s Furniture Store.  Best part of it all was that our salesguy was so down to earth and not very pushy at all.  Not saying that the others were pushy, but we didn’t feel compelled to buy from the other stores, while at Bob’s I just wanted to keep looking around for more. 🙂  But alas, the third time was a charm!

Today brought rain.  But we didn’t mind.  After waking up early, we spent time watching Grey’s Anatomy for a little bit before heading up to NY to visit my relatives.  Our visit was complete with grabbing lunch at a buffet, picking up necessities at BJ Wholesale Club, and then relaxing at their house before heading home.  We even got to squeeze in a nice nap before heading home.

And, in between all of this, we were able to get rid of my couch back to my former roommate who was the original owner.  Darling husband and sister’s boyfriend moved our futon from our bedroom to the living room to make room for our new bed to be delivered.  And, hubby put together a new desk and new tv stand from IKEA.

Can’t wait till all is complete around the house, but for now.. Hope you enjoyed bits of my weekend. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for participating in Bits of My Weekend!
    I need to check out those outlets sometime!
    Hope you sleep well in your new bed!

  2. what are your favorite types of sushi? I swear I could eat sushi every day of the week.


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